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Venetian Mirror is a kind of Wall Mirror Decoration which was born around 15 th century in Murano Island, Venice, Italy. According to many interior enthusiasts, Venetian mirror was considered as one of the most beautiful art. By 16 th century, Venetian glass crafters had gained public acclaim due to their craftsmanship skill.   The Venetian were pioneered the unique method to produce a masterpiece of art from glass material. Since so many people adoring Venetian mirrors, which leads them into market domination.   By their authenticity of Venetian mirror style wiped any others competitor, one of the reasons why it can be possible was the top Mirror Manufacturing by Murano glassmakers. They’re mastering gold dust technique really well. They inserted gold leaf into the glass in order to embed that gold dust material into the mirror glass which made them very solid. Furthermore, there was another technique that Murano mirror artisan uses at that time which called “Lattimo”. This tec
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Have you ever seen a wall decorative mirror that has certain motives on its surface? Have you ever wondering what is that wall mirror name? Or perhaps you are curious how that kind of mirror made was? It is called Acid-Etching technique.   In this article we are going to talk about how mirror crafters engraving those motives on the mirror surface without causing any damage. MORE ARTICLES ABOUT MIRROR A Mirror Masterpiece Glass That Will Steal Your Heart Brings Back the Past Memories with Etched Antique Wall Mirror WHAT IS ACTUALLY ACID-ETCHING? Acid-Etching is a technique of creating certain patterns on mirror surfaces by using corrosive material. This technique was invented around 1630’s when people trying to engrave diamond, and then it began popular in Europe at middle 1700’s, especially during Victorian era which is widely used in many houses. The Acid Etched Mirror will have various result such as rough, frosty, or even smooth glassy depends on how much time the glass exposed

Brings Back the Past Memories with Etched Antique Wall Mirror

The world of interior decoration in 2024 is driven by such nostalgia since the antique and vintage theme climb up to the top of people’s interest.   Those interior styles are gaining their popularity from TikTok. It has been reported that interior design that has vintage style gets 160 million views over the last 12 months.   But always put this up on your mind when you want to buy a decorative wall mirror. Make sure that you get that item only from the best mirror manufacture, since decorating room is not only about enhancing the beauty but also consider the quality. Etched Rectangle Gold Wall Mirror For those who love antique and Vintage Wall Mirror decoration, a wall mirror is one of the best items to consider. An antique wall mirror can provide you a vintage classic atmosphere in your room as if you’re dragging back to 19 th century. But you may also confuse to choose what an antique mirror decoration that you should get to decorate your room? Well … I can suggest you Etched

A Mirror Masterpiece Glass That Will Steal Your Heart

If we talk about interior design, then it will not come off with mirrors craft. Mirrors craft takes an important role on how people decorate their room since it gives you both aesthetic and function enhancements. There are many types of options from this mirrors craft and the one that we cannot forget is Acid Rectangle Wall Mirror With Mercury Glass, the symbolize of refined elegance. Acid Edge Rectangle With Mercury Mirror Glass Acid Edge Rectangle With Mercury Mirror is a high that gives unique aesthetic feels every time when you come to your room. It can resonate the happiness a joy but also reminds of 19 th century vibes. It is made of 5 mm glass that has been done by professional crafters who are experienced in glass interior industry for many years. It has size 140 cm x 70 cm which is quite huge in order to gives you majestic and antique vibes in your room. Acid Edge Rectangle With Mercury Mirror   Here are the reasons why you should have Acid Edge Rectangle With Mercury Mi